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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Tutorial: 5 Strand Dutch Braid

This 5-strand dutch braid is done by yours truly! This look is difficult if one doesn't know the basics of braiding. All one needs is a bit of motivation and anyone can achieve this look with some practice 

What You Need

Loosely Curled Hair (optional)
Experience in 5-strand braid
Motivation to achieve!


Since my hair is black, it is harder to show y'all how to achieve this look, so I found this tutorial to help y'all!
How to Do a Perfectly Messy 5-Strand Braid

The only thing that I did differently is that I took my hair and added the piece to the outermost strands.


This look is most easily achieved if one starts with a regular dutch braid and then adds the extra two strands. Also, make sure you have no tangles because that can become a big problem when you start braiding. Lastly, don't give up! I know creating hair looks can be difficult, trust me, we have all been there. But if you take the time to practice than this look will become like an instinct.

Hope y'all have success creating this look and I would love to see you looks! Tweet me at #hairwithzoey or tweet me directly @classygirlschic !


  1. Oooh. What a great tutorial. I think even I could do this.

  2. I love your blog

    1. Thanks! Will follow yours back!
      Alley xoxo

  3. Looks great! I have joined your site, perhaps your could join mine? x

  4. This is very cute!!! Can't wait til my hair is long enough to try this!

  5. It looks so pretty! Too bad I suck at braiding. :(
    I follow you on Bloglovin'. :)

  6. Thanks! I will check out your blog!
    xoxo Alley


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