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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Fall Haul

$21.99 from Khol's.
This is a periwinkle colored shirt with an embellished collar

$20.99 from Macy's
This chevron pattern shirt has a black bow in the front and looks great with colored pants.

$65.00 from Michael Kors
This gorgeous red tunic shit has a sleeveless side and a sleeved side to give the eye something new to look at

$30.00 from JCPenny
This brown leather jacket is perfect for girls who don't want to total edgy look but want something out of their comfort zone

$20.00 for the Polo Outlet
This is a basic V-neck that is pink with strips and a green logo

$10.00 from WetSeal
This skirt was on sale and is in the trendy print, which is daisies. It is a navy blue skirt with white and yellow daisies.

$10.00 from Macy's
This white tunic has a zebra print on one side and white on the other

$10.00 from WetSeal
Again, this skirt was on sale and has the trendy print, which is tribal print.

$10.00 from Macy's
This butterfly styled shirt is very flattering on and has a very girl print.

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