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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

MAC Liptstick: Rebel


MAC is a very well known brand for many of it products. One of the most raved MAC product
includes their lipsticks. So jump the bandwagon, I decided to purchase a few of my own. The first I purchased is a very trendy color of this season; the color is a very berry color and has pink hues. This is a matte lipstick so this with nude make-up looks amazing. There are 42 different colors in the standard MAC collection. The colors range from blacks to pinks.


The prices for this specific collection is $15.00. This is a really good price considering Revlon lipsticks are up to $10.00. Why not just invest five more dollars for a high end product? Also the quality of these MAC  lipsticks beat Revlon any day. I bought this one at my local MAC counter at Belk's, but you can purchase this online too!

My Thoughts

So I love Rebel, it is the perfect berry color! It looks great against my skin, which is slightly lighter than tan. This lipstick gives my face a very radiant and fresh look. This adds a bit of glam to any plain outfit and looks great paired with an orange blush. It stays on for a long time and is easy to carry. Don't believe me? Well listen to this. I put this lipstick on when I was going shopping and went to Cici's afterwards, and after I was done eating ALOT of pizza, the lipstick still on perfectly! This product is amazing and the colors look exactly like what the picture shows. The colors are really pigmented and sell for a very good price.


I definitely give this a 10/10, and I want everyone to try these lipsticks out and get out your comfort zone and try a new shade. You might be surprised at the outcome!


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