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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Alley meets Edgy: OOTD

My Outfit 

As y'all probably know, I am not a very edgy person, I am actually the total opposite. I have a very girly/preppy style but I wanted to mix it up.  To start things off, I am wearing a very large ring that is bronze and has black beads. It has a very vintage look to it. I purchased it from Forever 21 for only 99 cents. 

I am wearing bow earrings to add a bit of my own spin on the edgy look. This takes away from the harsh edgy vibe I was going for. I got these as a gift from Versona.

Now to my favorite part, I am wearing patterned pants. I have a lot of patterned pants, but they are better suited for the spring. These however are versatile and can be worn whenever, I love the color and love the trendy leopard print incorporated into the pants. I bought these from Khol's a very long time ago.

I felt like the top felt really empty and added a scarf because it was a bit chilly. I bought the scarf from JCPenny during Black Friday. The sweater I am wearing is fro Khol's and it is a basic gold cable knit sweater. The boots I am wearing are black from Belk's. I also purchased these during Black Friday online. 

I hope you liked the outfit!


  1. Very cute!

    x Angela


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