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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Nars: Albatross


Albatross is a sheer light golden sheen that can be used as a highlighter or for an all over glow. There are over 26 shades plus some limited edition ones. Some of the shades of blushes can be used for a dual purpose like Albatross.


NARS claims that the product can be built up for more depth. The highlighting blush also give immediate radiance to the face. There are four shades of the highlighting blushes. All of the shades are universally flattering, meaning it looks good on all skin colors. Highlights are supposed to be used to make ones cheeks look higher or lifted.

My Thoughts

This product is expensive, however, the glow that this product gives is not comparable to any product other than the Stila Kitten Highlighting Powder. This powder is more of a golden tone, while the Kitten is more of a silver tone. So, depending on what if your face looks better with gold or silver will be the deal breaker between these two. This makes my face look so radiant and makes me look radiant. I now know how all of these celebrities look so radiant and beautiful.

Where to buy?

This product can be bought from Sephora and NARS' website for $29.00.

The Orgasm blush and Stila's Kitten Highlighting Powder are currently being reviewed and will be up shortly, so make sure to check those two reviews out. 


  1. absolutely in love with this shadows
    kisses from Miami,

    1. Thanks! I love them too! I love your blog!
      Alley xoxo


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