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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

May Favorites

Since the end of May is approaching quickly, I wanted to share my May Favorites!

Since it is spring, I like bright colors. This periwinkle color is one of my favorite nail polish colors, and I love the formula of all of the ULTA nail polishes
This is by far my favorite liquid liner! Last time I went to ULTA, they were out so I tried a different liquid eye liner and I was so disappointed. I couldn't stop thinking about this liner! This will always be a goodie

When I first interested in watching YouTube videos, everyone seemed to talk about the Urban Decay Naked Palettes. I always wanted one but my parents did not want me to spend 50 dollars on eyeshadow so I settled for this NYX Nude on Nude Palette. I love all the colors in this palette ( as you can see, I have hit pan in many of them!). This palette also comes with lip colors but I don't like them because the consistency is sticky but I love these shadows!
I am not one to wear foundation to school! I am only in high school and I don't think I need to pack on makeup to go to a place where I learn! I love BB Creams though! I have tried many, but this one is by far my favorite! It has a good coverage for being a BB Cream and has a dewy finish. I have oily skin so in the summer I find myself applying a generous amount of powder, but other than that I love this BB Cream!

I have a yellow/olive skin color so I find that orange blushes compliment me and orange is in fashion this year! NYX Blushes are great and this one is my favorite! The color is Cinnamon!

This is by far my favorite lipstick; this color is my lip color but with more a lively color so it gives a very natural look! I apply this EVERYDAY! The color is Pink Truffle!
Last but not least, is the Maybelline Rocket Volum' Express Mascara! I have very long lashes and really thick ones and this mascara just enhances that even more! Love the different looks that you can achieve with this mascara depending on how may coats you apply!

Tell me about your May Goodies in the comments below!


  1. love that mascara too, and gorgeous blush, loved the shade

  2. great pics dear maybelline is always one of our faves !!!


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