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Sunday, June 30, 2013

4th of July

Shirt: Hollister
Skirt: Khols
Shoes: Steve Madden

4th of July is very close and it is an important day for many Americans. Their are many celebrations that occur on this day. For the people who are not familiar with 4th of July, it is the day when America gained its independence! Colors that are worn on this day are red, white, and blue. The outfits I came up with range from preppy to sophisticated. Most of the shoes are not in the pictures because I could not find my black pumps. But you can wear any neutral colored shoes with these outfits!  Still don't have an outfit for the 4th of July. Look at this lookbook I came up with. Hope it helps! Click Read More to see the rest of the outfits.

Dress- Macy's

Shirt- Burlington Coat Factory
Scarf: Belk
Pants: Khols

Dress: Khols
Navy Tights- Khols
Red Blazer- Belk

Blazer- Belk
Shirt- Hollister
White Pants- Khols
Shoes- TJMaxx

Dress- Urban Outfitters
Red Tights- Khols
Navy Nail Polish- Ulta

Dress: Belks
Red Tights- Khols

Dress- Khols
Red Tights- Khols
Navy Nail Polish- Ulta

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