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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Back To School: Fishtail Braid

Going back to school and wanting to learn how to do a new cool hairstyle? Doing a fishtail braid is really easy. Follow the steps down below and it will be easy as 1,2,3. This braid can be worn as a side braid, as seen in the picture, or as a regular braid. There are many intricate braid seen around the fashion industry with using fishtail. Mastering this braid will let you do the intricate hairstyles.

Divide hair into two separate parts.

Bring the left strand to the right portion of the braid. Remember, these strands have to be tiny, to make it look prettier. 

Then get the strand from the right side and bring it over to the other side. 

And this is how it turns out!

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