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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Back To School: Outfits

School is just around the corner and you still don't know what to wear. Well here is a solution! Zoey and I have came up with 11 outfits that we think are cute outfits. We tried to go from edgy to preppy to girly, so we could make outfits for everyones tastes. Hope y'all enjoy the outfits! Keep reading if you want to see all the outfits

Are you girly? Well here is an outfit that is perfect for you! Colored jeans are never out of fashion so try a pair of colored jeans with a neutral colored top and try to color block with your accessories. I paired the outfit with a pair of golden flats from the Lucky Brand.

This is an outfit that incorporates pattern pants. Most people have trouble pairing pattern pants with tops, but all here is a trick. Pattern pants look amazing with lace tops. My shoes are pink with black and brown accents and my bracelets are also pink.

This outfit incorporates a yellow button up. Not everyone likes wearing necklaces so I paired this outfit a weird scarf that I find really cool. I bought mine from Versona but I have seen these a lot lately. I paired the outfit with the same colors for the scarf. This is a easy outfit and it preppy and girly.

Not everyone is into girly clothes so this is one for the tomboys. I am wearing a white tank with a  jean shirt. I paired the outfit with a scarf and some green oxfords. This is not everyones taste but it looks cute and very put together.

Now if your running late for school, the first thing that comes to your mind to wear is leggings or yoga pants. Well wearing a maxi dress is just as easy. Maxi dresses already have so much going on that you don't need much accessories. I paired this outfit with a green bracelet from Khols and pair of basic nude sandals.

Maxi skirts are really easy to wear too! Just like maxi dresses they are something you can throw and it looks put together. I paired this maroon skirt with a white crop tank. I also paired this outfit with golden sandals and this cool bracelet. Maxi skirts are readily available.  Also I paired the outfit with this necklace from Versona to bring all the colors together.
If your are a girly person, this is the perfect outfit for you. Any collared top gives to allusion of very girly so this is perfect. The top is very flowy and I rolled my jeans up for a modern twist. Again, I paired the outfit with the golden flats from the Lucky Brand.
If your are a little more chill, then this is the perfect outfit for you. I paired this leopard print skinny jeans with a white flowy top. My shoes are the laced TOMS which are still available on their website. This look is very chill and relaxed, but super cute and comfortable.
If you want to look dressy, then get a chiffon top with a bow detail in the front. I paired the outfit with white  jeans and a white watch. My shoes are the Lucky Brand and my bracelet was gifted to me. This looks really put together and it is a perfect first day of school outfit.
Want to go for a more fun and colorful look? Well get a pair of floral skinny jeans, which I got from American Eagle. I paired the jeans with a jean shirt and a coral bubble  necklace. My bracelet is from Icing and my shoes are orange to bring all the orange colors together.

 Are you going for a more preppy look? Well getting a shift shit or chevron shift shirt is perfect. Pair the shirt with a bubble necklace, make sure the necklace and the shirt color block. Keep the shoes neutral. My shoes are the Steve Madden sparkly, studded shows. This is perfect for a very preppy person.

I hope you enjoyed our outfits and let us know which one was your favorite. Tell us about what y'all are wearing for the first day of school!

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