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Friday, August 2, 2013

Back to School: Cute Ladder Braid

Do you have those days at school when you don't want to have your bangs all in your face, but want a
cute way for them to be pinned up?  Well this braid takes less than a minute and looks really cool. Keep reading if you want to achieve this look!

So to start of this braid, your braid a regular braid incorporating what ever pieces you want. Make sure it is not to thick. Also do not tie the braid yet, and make sure that you keep the three strands separate on the bottom.

Now take the middle strand of the braid with one hand, and with the other hand push the braid up. What I mean by this is just use the other hand and push the braid up all the way with your thumb and pointer finger. You should get this when your push it all the way up.

Now just push on the braid a little so its not all clumped like the picture above, but that push to much that it goes back to a regular braid. All you do is touch the braid and one by one and push it back. And then you are done! You can close with two bobby pins like I did or use a cute pin.

If their is any confusions please comment below, and I will give you a better explanation!

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