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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

My Acne Story and Solution

I have always suffered from acne since I was in the 5th grade. Obviously it didn't bother me when I was younger, but now it is getting out of hand. Over the years in middle school, my acne started to lessen because I used TONS of acne creams such and Clean and Clear or any cream with Benzoyl Peroxide, because that chemical got rid of acne. My acne did lessen but I would break out with some huge pimples through out my first year of high school. I started to look into home remedies and started to take care of my skin more. People said that if you have acne, you shouldn't be wearing foundation, but I was way to insecure to let anyone see my blemishes. One day I found my solution and from that day on it has worked! Today I want to share that secret with y'all!
 The solution was something that everyone has and uses everyday. This item is toothpaste! Yes, tooth paste gets rid of pimples fairly quickly. But tooth paste alone didn't help get rid of the pimple. Every morning I would wash my face with REALLY cold water. After that I would put on tooth paste for 5 minutes. Remember when you apply toothpaste to close your eyes because if you leave your eyes open they burn. After five minutes wash your face with any cleanser, and whenever your face gets oily just wash it with cold water alone. If you wear foundation, whenever you come home, take it off immediately. If you do this for about 2-4 days, your pimple should be gone! This technique has worked for me and I hope it works for y'all. Also if you see a little bump but it is hasn't formed into a pimple yet, your should apply ice till your bump feels numb. This is will stop the pimple from forming. Tell me how it turns out! Also if anyone knows how to get rid of acne scarring , that would be great!


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