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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Too-Faced Shadow Insurance

Story Time! 

So as you guys know, I am a person who loves deal on high end products, and if you didn't know, ULTA is having great deals this month. They have a program called 21 days of Beauty where really expensive items are on sale. But their is one beauty steal per day. On Wednesday of this week, they were having the Too-Faced Shadow Insurance for only $10! I had my eye on this product for a while, but was not willing to spend the money. I had heard that this product was way better than the Urban Decay primer potion so I really want to it.

First Impression 

I have only tried it for a day, but let me tell you, all the good reviews about this product is true! This shadow primer is a little thicker so the product does not crease shadows. My eye shadow stayed on all day and I am very impressed overall. The packaging is really cute too, which is always a plus. The bottle is slightly bigger than the Urban Decay bottle. This product is worth every buck


Overall the product is great and is unlike any other eye primer I have tried. It is is affordable and great for everyday use. Also the overall amount of product is plentiful and won't run out all that quickly. I recommend this product for anyone is looking for a great eye shadow primer! 


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