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Monday, September 16, 2013

EcoTools Airbrush Brushes

First Time Impression 

I have been wanting good brushes for my foundation and concealer routine forever! I had my eyes on these and just decided to give in and purchase them. The pack of brushes come with 5 brushes, each with a different purpose. There is a flat concealer brush, buffing concealer brush, precision foundation brush, buffing foundation brush, and a powder brush. Each brush is customized and is really cute. The overall brushes are really soft and work great. I really do look like I am wearing no foundation or concealer to school and my face looks flawless! The pack of brushes come for on $14.99. 


These brushes are really great if you have been looking for good working brushes without wanting to spends $100s of dollars on Sigma brushes. I also have the EcoTools eye shadow brushes which work amazing too. I have been using ULTA foundation brushes, which sucked. The bristles were to hard against your skin and just didn't give the overall finish that these brushes do. I recommend this to everyone! 

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