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Sunday, December 15, 2013

BLACK Friday Haul

Currently we went  Black Friday shopping! We collected a lot in just 24 hours! Hope you enjoy the haul!

I bought BareMinerals kit from Ulta!  They were having such good deals on high end make-up. I bought two of these, one for myself and one for a friend. This kit includes a blush, illuminator, and a lip gloss. It was only $10. Look forward to a review. 

Belk was having a lot of good deals on shoes and clothes. The only clothing item that I bought from there were these three cardigans. The cardigans were all on sale for $15. They are really cute and versatile.

I bought this necklace from New York and Company for one of my friends. This necklace was originally $27 but was on sale for $8. They were also giving out gift cards and my gift card was for $5 dollars so I only paid $3! This is a very pretty royal blue color and my friend loved it when I gave it to her. 

The reason I went to Belk's was to get these boots! They are the perfect grayish brown color and I don't own a pair this color.These were on sale for $30! Look forward to a boot collection post!
This was on sale for $10 at Sephora. This was destined because I was looking for get cleanser that got all my make-up off. Look forward to a review on this! 

Ulta was also having a good deal on this illuminator, I wanted to see which illuminator worked better. I like both for different reasons. This also came with a lip gloss and was for $12. 
I wanted a lot of cable knit sweaters for the winter to pair with shirts and collars. I picked this one up from JCPenny for about $12. I love this color and it looks great paired with different shirts and necklaces. 
I also picked this BareMinerals from Ulta and it includes a white and black eye shadow and mascara. This is for my friends so i don't know about the quality. But this was also for $10. 

Elbow pads have been in fashion for 2 years now and also color blocking! This sweater can be dressed up or down depending on the day. This sweater for $12.

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