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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Fall Haul

This is our mini Fall Haul. I hope you all understand this is not a lot! Black Friday is coming soon so another haul will be up soon! It will have more fall clothing and sweaters and boots!


This dress is from Khols! It was for $14.99! This Navy Blue dress is super cute. I especially love the cut out in the back. The style of this dress is known as a shift dress.

This dress is from Belk! It looks very Roman in the exception of it being black instead of white. It is simple but looks really cute especially the gold detail. The shoulder are a style known as the "peek-a-boo" shoulders. This dress was for $12.99.

The dress on the left is from Belk! It is simple and very cute for a simple day. It was for $14.99. The sweater shirt (on the right) is from JCPenny for $25! A lot of statement necklaces can be put on this for a dressed up look. 


This shirt is from Belk. I love the back with the coral stripe. It is a spring shirt so sadly this will be in my closet for a while be fore it is worn. This was $9.99.

This necklace was purchased from Versona and I am in love! It is so classy and preppy and it screams statement! I love the delicate color and it looks really good on. It was for $14.99.

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