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Friday, November 22, 2013

Colorful, Eye Popping Eye Look

This eyelook will go with any outfits and you can easily change the liquid colorful eyeliner to any color! To learn how to achieve this look,click read more!

I first used NYX Jumbo Eyeliner in Cashmere and then the Cashmere eyeshadow, also by NYX. I then took the ULTA eyeliner in this periwinkle color and made a major wing. Since I look bad with out black eyeliner, I took Maybelline's stiletto liquid eyeliner and thinly lined my lashes and created a small wing. I took a grey creme eyeliner lined my water line to make my eyes look a bit smaller. I then finished off with Calvin Klein's mascara, which is a natural looking mascara but separates my lashes. My eyes look a lighter brown because blues, greens, and purples bring out the brown hues out of my eyes. For more brown eye popping looks, stay tuned!

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