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Thursday, November 14, 2013

NYX Powder Blushes vs NYX Cream Blushes


I love this blush! This was my first powder blush purchase ever! I wasn't obsessed with blushes until recently, but I am glad that I have started to purchase them. You can find these blushes at ULTA. These blushes retail for $5.99.  There is 13 different colors to choose from. The color that I have is called Dusty Rose, which is a light pink with purple hints.  The packaging is very classic and the blush lasts for a very long time. It does not break me out and stays on all day. This blush gives a very natural appearance.


The packaging of the cream blush is slightly different because it is in a circular container. This was my first blush ever! I do have to so, that I like my powder blush better because it is easier to apply. With cream blushes, I have to apply it with my fingers and since I wear bb cream/foundation, it ends up taking my bb cream/foundation off. I haven't wore it since I purchased the powder blush. Since I stopped wearing bb cream/foundation, I started wearing it this week. This blush gives a radiant glow and a dewy finish. I like the finish of this blush better, but it is hard to work with once you have to much on your cheek. This blushes are $6.99 and are available in 9 different colors. The color I have is Natural. This color is more of a darker pink and compliments all skin colors, I think. 


The color on the left is the powder blush and the blush on the right is the cream one.

Which one is better?

It depends on what type of finish you want and really what works best for you. When I want a natural look I wear the powder and when I want a dewy/radiant finish, I wear the cream one. It just depends on what I feel like wearing, but both blushes are definitely very good and y'all should try them!

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