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Friday, February 7, 2014

Navy and Yellow: The Perfect Match

My Outfit

So I wanted to dress up a little without being to over dress, so I came up with this trendy/girly outfit.
To start things off, I incorporated a very popular color blocking trend that includes hues of blue and yellow. The slightly bright yellow cardigan looked great paired with this navy dress with white polka dots. Don't know what to wear? Well you will never be wrong or out of trend when you wear polka dots! The dress also has a bib collar, but you can't see it that well with the cardigan.

The belt that came with this dress was brown but I wanted to add another color, so I went for a hot pink skinny belt. It looks great because it brings all of the colors together and adds something else to the outfit. This outfit was a total gem.

The riding boots that I am wearing are so versatile. The go with soooooo many things and the brown shade looked great with the outfit. It added a very trendy aspect to the outfit. They have a very small heel/wedge that gives you a bit more height, not that I need to be any taller!  I love these boots; they are my favorite boots of all time, and I would know, I own 16 other pairs of boots!

The dress is from Belk's! I do most of my shopping there, and if you don't go to Belk's than you should! They have amazing deals, and since I am a bargain hunter, I love it! I also bought my tights and cardigan from there. Want a new dress, or shoes? Definitely go to your local Belk's! They have so much to offer.

Hope y'all enjoyed this outfit! Let me know what is your style and favorite store in the comments below!
~Alley  xoxo


  1. Totally love it!

    x Angela

  2. Such a pretty outfit! I love your mustard cardigan!
    xx, Tina

  3. its great! If i were to wear this look, i would go with original brown belt. It would compliment the boots. Wat do u think ? I like your belt and polka dot tops
    xoxo :)

    1. I agree! I have a lot of brown belts but none of them matched my boots! :( Thanks!
      Alley xoxo


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