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Friday, March 21, 2014

How to:Celtic Knot

This is a new hairstyle that has been seen all around Instagram a lot and a lot of people are posting pictures of their own braid, so I wanted to quickly jump on the bandwagon, and make a tutorial and pictures of my Celtic knot! I would say this hairstyle is medium not the hardness scale. 

A quick step by step tutorial! However, if you are looking for detailed steps, keep reading. 

Step 1: Brush out hair and style either straight, curly, wavy, or normal hair. 

Step 2: Take hair from both sides of your face, as if you were to do a simple half up-half down look.

Step 3: Take the left strand and make a loop, with the end of the hair being on top. 

                   Step 4: Now take the right strand and place it over the ends of the left stand.

Step 5: Take the right strand and place it under the left strand in the beginning. (Blue lines indicated the step)

Step 6: This is the most confusing step from this hair style. Move the pre made loop on top of the right strand in the beginning. Then, make another loop in the pre made loop. Then take the right strand and place it through the new loop. 

Step 7: Tighten! 
This is the final product! I hope you enjoyed this new hairstyle!


  1. Its cool, but my hair are so silky that it can kept such knot

    1. Trust me, I have silky hair too! It will stay!
      Alley xoxo

  2. This is beautiful! Great tutorial.



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