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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Stila: Masterpiece Series

Stila recently came out with a new collection. This new collection is inspired from artist paint paint palettes. This eye and blush collection includes three palettes all surrounding playful color themes. The number of eye looks that can be created from these palettes are endless


This masterpiece collection contains three palettes that all surround certain themes.  One contains Brody shades, another contains purples and the last is inspired from blues. Each palette also contains a blush that compliments the eyeshades in each palette.  In total, there are 15 eyeshades and 3 blushes .

The first one is called the  "Volume.I The Minimalist Palette".  This palette contains the great nudes that can be used daily. Also it features a very light coral blush. Most of the colors are matte, but one of the shadows are very sparkly. I like the quality of these eyeshadow but I am not in LOVE with them because they don't feel like high-end eyeshadow. But they are still better than drugstore shadows.

The second one is called the " Volume. II The Impressionist Palette". This palette features great purples and pinks and contains both matte and sparkly shadows. The quality of this palette is the same as the first. The blush in this palette is a very dark pink with a purple undertone.

The third one is called the "Volume III: The Modernist Palette". The name suits this palette perfectly. The colors featured in this palette are colors not a regular person would wear but they include very cute and bright colors. The blush in this palette is a very light pink, which makes sense because you don't want over powering blush color with bright eyeshadows.

Where to Buy

I bought this whole palette at ULTA for $17! That is probably the biggest reason I bought it because I didn't hear anything about this palette but the price was so amazing that I just could not give it up.

Overall the palettes are great and they are even better for the price that I got them for.

What brand of eyeshadows are your favorite? Tell me in the comments below!


  1. This is such a clever idea and a great post as well! xx

    1. I know right! Thanks for stopping by!
      Alley xoxo

  2. Gorgeous colors.
    xx, Jodi

  3. Great colors!


  4. Super interesting, love the colors! Thanks for your comment in my blog, would you like to follow each other?:)


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