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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Custom Buffing Brush

I am one of those makeup lovers who loves using her hands to apply her foundation, but I decided to change it up a bit and buy a brush...


Ecotools  has been known as a cheaper alternative to Sigma. Both of these brush companies make high end brushes that seem to make your makeup look flawless! I have never tried out Sigma  because I feel like Ecotools'  brushes work good enough for me. Ecotools creates many brushes that can be used for face and eye makeup. Ecotools' brushes range from 5-12 dollars which is cheaper than Sigma. Ecotools claims that the brush have very soft bristles which is 100% true!

My Thoughts

The custom buffing brush is basically a stippling brush, and the first time I tried out the Makeup Forever HD Foundation,  I used this brush. I had never been happier with my foundation and fell in love with this brush! I also love the kit of brushes by Ecotools  that have great foundation/concealer application brushes. I bought this brush for about 6 dollars at ULTA.
Hope y'all enjoyed this short review and tell me about your favorite brushes in the comments below!


  1. niceee it looks fancy as it iss cant wait to try it out ourselves


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