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Thursday, June 19, 2014

BareMinerals Lipgloss


BareMinerals claims that these lip-glosses have sheer, sparkle and shine. The claims that BareMinerals state are very ambiguous. These lip-glosses come in about 10 shades and retail for 15 dollars. They are available at ULTA.  The packaging is really simple, but very chic. The lip-glosses contain a lot of product for the amount you are paying.

My Thoughts

I love these two colors because they compliment my skin tone and have such aesthetic features. The last power in not that long, but it is a lip-gloss, so you can not expect much. I absolutely love the brush. I am not a fan of a sponge lip applicator but I love the brush applicator provided to buyers that purchase these lip-glosses. I do have to say that they are bit sticky, but it is something that can be overlooked. I like these lip-glosses, but I would not say that I love them, especially if I am paying 15 dollars for them! I can buy a MAC  lipstick with that money!


  1. This lipgloss has a really nice color :)

    x Angela

  2. I HATE sticky lipgloss! Its a same as the colors are nice but at that price you might as well get something you prefer

    1. Yea, I totally agree with you!
      Alley xoxo


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