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Sunday, June 22, 2014

L'oreal 8hr Infallible Lipgloss

Since lips are all the rage, you all will be seeing a lot more of lip posts! I have had these lip glosses a while, so hopefully you all will find my review for this product credible. 


The lip gloss has a triangular applying sponge. The colors are very vibrant in this line of lip glosses by L'oreal. They claim that the lip gloss will stay for 8hrs. There is shimmer in the lip gloss. 

My Opinion

I feel like the lip glosses do stay for a long time, but they do not stay for 8 hours. If one is doing all of the normal things that one does, such as drinking water, eating, talking, etc., the lip gloss will certainly wear off, however, I will say that all of the lip glosses do stay for an exceptional long time up to 4 hours, at least that was the longest for me. The colors are really pigmented and can be used for many different looks. The lipgloss is a bit sticky, and if I put too much it bulks up, but the colors of the lip glosses are so beautiful! My favorite from the 3 that I own would have to be 705 on my face, but I love the color 135, but have not yet found a look that looks great with a purpley pink lip color. These can be worn over lipsticks and the color will indeed stay for a longer time! Any tips on how to wear 135?

Where to Buy:

These lipglosses can be bought on ULTA, Target, or any other store that holds drugstore makeup. 

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