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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Crossing: A NOTD

This is a nail look that I came up with. I used all ULTA Nail Colors! I painted three of my nails the periwinkle color and I was done with them. I then painted my thumb and ring finger with a lavender. I took a skinny short brush and dipped it into the sparkly gray and started 1/3 up my nail and created a slanted arch. I then took my brush and dipped it into the periwinkle and created the same arch coming from the other side, which created a X or more like crossing roads, hence the name of this look. I then applied top coat and I was finished! 


  1. Cute!

  2. What a simple but chic design. Im sure even I could do this one and I have very little practice with nail art.

  3. It's a great NOTD!I like the purple and blue shades together, because they work well together. Then having one of the crossing lines as glitter was a nice touch!

    Check out my post about Amsterdam:


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