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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Must Have: Fall lipstick: Napoleaon Perdis: Anna

Fall is coming and it is the start of a new season of clothes and makeup! I will start to blog more often again and sorry for the delay! Napoleon Perdis comes comes out with beautiful shades in their Devine goddess collection. I already own another color by them called Atalanta. Read to see what I have to say about this color!


This product is a red-orange color which has small glitters, but are not overbearing. The color is not as bold as a matte lipstick, but also it not as sheer as a butter lipstick, albeit it is somewhere in the middle. It has a very nice pigment to it.

My Opinion

So I already have dry lips, so this lipstick does dry up my lip even more, however, a way to fix this problem is if you apply chapstick before your apply the shade. This causes the color to glide on and have a better appearance. The color is beautiful. If you do not want to go bold and wear a red-orange, but want a more subtle look, you have to buy this! This color brightens up my face and just compliments my skin so well.

I bought this lipstick from ULTA for $25.00...expensive right?! Wouldn't it be great if there was a website that offered discounted giftcards? Well there is! has many giftcards that you can buy. So if you are trying to stay on a budget while purchasing the must haves for fall, then go to to help you save money. I will have more must haves for fall up shortly, but in the mean time, check out The links where you can find ULTA and Sephora giftcards are:

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