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Monday, January 12, 2015

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette

New year, means a whole new year of new goodies; the first of these new goodies is the newest Urban Decay Palette. This new palette feature colors that contain rose hues.


Urban Decay has released three palettes have became the favorites of many around the world; they released their newest palette last year which included rose hues. I was exhilarated when I finally convinced myself to splurge on this palette because I did not own anything like and I always wanted to try out one of the Naked Palettes.

This palette contains 12 shades and a dual eyeshadow brush. The shades in palette start with lighter shades and digress into the darker shades. There are shimmery and matte shades in the palette.

I purchased this palette for 54 dollars, which was the price of the palette at the time. If I had decided to purchase the palette a bit earlier, I would have saved 2 dollars. I purchased my palette from Sephora, but this palette is also available at Ulta.

 My Thoughts

I love this palette sooo much! I always find myself reaching for this palette when I want to wear eyeshadow. I do have to say, I prefer the matte shades in this palette over the shimmery ones. The matte shades are a lot less chunky and easier to blend. Moreover, the matte shades are perfect for a gradient effect in the crease. This does not mean that I dislike the shimmery shades because they are great too.

Overall, I would recommend this palette to anyone with blue or brown eyes because the rose hues compliment those shades. Also this would be a perfect gift for teenagers because the shades in this palette are subtle so they are age appropriate for teenagers/young adults.

If you love this palette or like one of the other Urban Decay Palettes better, tell me in the comments below!


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