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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Back To School Haul: Part 3

Hey y'all! I am back with yet another haul! This might get annoying but since school is starting soon, and I need to rack up on clothes. Tell me about your school shopping so far and comment below if you want to see any other Back To School videos.

I ran out of my favorite hair spray which is TRESemme. I get in number 4 for extra hold. This retails for about $3.49. I bought mine from ULTA, but you can find this anywhere. This is great for holding thick hair.
I got these pair of shoes from Belks. They were for $22.00. They are really comfortable and are really well-made. I got the same pair of shoes in the color black
 These are the same pair of shoes, but in black.
 This is a tunic that looks like a dress, and it is really sheer. The pattern is a floral pattern but in camo colors. It is really flattering and it was $20.99. I bought this from JCPenny.
 This is a green high low shirt from Belk's. On the back they is a lace detail from the top of the back to the bottom. This would look really cute with leggings. This was $12.99.
 This is a green sleeveless shirt that I got from Belk's. The bottom of the shirt has a sheer floral pattern. This was $9.99 so you really can't go wrong with this. This would look cute in any season and you can pair it with anything.
 This is a purple sleeveless shirt with a lace detail on the top. This is a high-low top that would look really good with leggings. This was $7.99 and the material is chiffon. I got this shirt from JCPenny.
This is a black high-low shirt with a light pink details and heart details. This goes past your butt so it looks really good with leggings and boots in the fall or with shorts and some sandals. This was $12.99 and I got it from Belk's.

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